Passage West residents want to be informed on Port plans for Marino Point

Passage West residents want to be informed on Port plans for Marino Point
The Former IFI Plant and lands at Marino Point, across the harbour from Passage West. Picture: Denis Scannell

Input from Passage West residents to the Port of Cork plans for Marino Point is being insisted upon by local Councillors who fear a negative impact from future development at the site.

Councillor Marcia D’Alton and Fianna Fáil Councillor Seamus McGrath submitted a joint motion in the consultation process for the master plans being put together by the Port of Cork for Marino Point.

Ms D’Alton and Mr McGrath said that Marino Point is very close to Passage West and this needs to be taken into consideration when plans are being developed for the site.

Ms D’Alton said Marino Point is on the Great Island in the Harbour but it is closer to the settlement of Passage West than any other population. 

“Former operations at Marino Point have impacted significantly on development in Passage West. So residents, some of whom live directly opposite Marino Point, are understandably anxious to be kept informed.” 

Ms D’Alton said that she was asked by residents to try and meet with the Port of Cork and ascertain what their intentions are with the site.

“We understand the Port of Cork is being asked to meet with the Cobh Municipal District also, I would be happy to sit in on a meeting as a Ballincollig/Carrigaline representative with the Cobh representatives.

Mr McGrath said the concerns of the residents are long-standing in terms of possible noise, dust and light pollution and the impact that any future development in Marino Point would have in Passage West.

“We don’t want anything in Marino Point to impact on the development of Passage West in any way, in terms of residential units developed in time.

“We have no idea of the nature of cargo that may come into Marino Point, it’s likely to be some kind of bulk cargo but what type exactly we don’t know.” Mr McGrath said he also would like to see more clarity on the proposed planning application in terms of how residents will be able to input on the process.

“We want to highlight that we are very relevant stakeholders in all this,” Mr McGrath said, “When the town council existed in Passage West we met with the Port of Cork a number of times in relation to Marino Point.

“It is well formalised in terms of the potential impact that will go on at Marino Point at Passage West. So we need to be part of the process and we are asking and insisting that we are part of the process.” 

Municipal District Officer Kevin O’Regan said the Council would write to the Port of Cork and to the Cobh Municipal District regarding the proposed meeting.

“They do intend to discuss their master plan with Cork County Council whether it is with Municipal Districts or full council I am not sure, but we can certainly write to them and to Cobh,” Mr O’Regan said.

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