Cork model shares pictures to show dark side of enhancement surgery

Cork model shares pictures to show dark side of enhancement surgery
Lauren Edwards, a model and make-up artist, recovering from surgery

A CORK model has shocked fans with intimate pictures of the multiple surgeries that left her unable to taste or breathe properly for weeks.

Lauren Edwards, a blogger and make-up artist from Crosshaven, joked that she had barely ripped the bandages off after her latest surgery before posting photographs of the operations on her revealing blog, ‘Lauren or Lucifer’.

The 28-year-old had travelled to Poland to undergo breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, commonly known as a ‘nose job’.

According to Lauren, the bold decision to release post-surgery photographs was intended to portray the dark side of beauty and women in general.

“I don’t like hiding things. I want to be unapologetically myself,” she said.

Lauren Edwards, a model and make-up artist, following surgery
Lauren Edwards, a model and make-up artist, following surgery

“That’s what my blog is all about. Everyone enhances themselves in some way.”

She said that while she’s happy with the results and has no regrets, getting through the surgeries was a considerable struggle.

“I did regret my surgeries when I was in pain, even if I don’t regret it now.

“It’s different in Ireland. The hospital staff in Poland were a lot colder.

“Over here, the nurse is more likely to hold your hand and call you ‘pet’.

“It wasn’t like that where I was, I felt like I was on the chopping block. I wasn’t nervous until the actual day of the surgery.

“I can remember just bursting out crying.”

The weeks that followed were an uphill battle for Lauren.

Lauren Edwards
Lauren Edwards

“Flying home, I was very weak.

“I suffered a trapped nerve in my left breast which was extremely painful.

“I couldn’t smell for weeks and my taste went for a month and a half.

“The first thing I had when my taste came back was a Chinese. It’s strange to not have your sense of smell. The one thing I missed most was the scent of lavender.“

Lauren hopes that other social media “influencers” will follow her lead and be more open on social media.

“If you’re going to put yourself on a platform then let it be a platform of honesty.

“Instead, we’re seeing so much falseness online. Personally, I feel it’s irresponsible. There are so many people in Cork getting this done but they just won’t talk about it. It’s like they’re ashamed.”

She emphasised that while she is happy with her own results she doesn’t want to be an advocate for plastic surgery.

“This wasn’t a snap decision.

“Surgery isn’t something you can toy around with. I did my homework on the surgeon, learning everything about him, including where he studied.

“I also did a lot of soul-searching in the run-up to my operations. I worked and saved up for a year in order to be able to pay for them.

“I don’t want to be advocating plastic surgery. It’s not the ‘be, all and end all’.” She also expressed concern about the pressures facing women today.

“There’s a lot of pressure on women these days. I wanted to show the pain you have to go through to get these results. People think there’s a quick fix, but it’s just a myth.’’

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