Video: Rats continue to plague Cork home due to illegal dumping

Video: Rats continue to plague Cork home due to illegal dumping
A rat at a home in Killala Gardens, Knocknaheeny pictured in January.

RATS are still infesting the homes of locals in a Knocknaheeny housing estate despite efforts by the Council to stop illegal dumping.

Local resident and mother of three Amanda Feeney is still experiencing issues with rats around her home two months after The Echo first highlighted the issue.

City Council had promised a crackdown on illegal dumping in the estate and informed all residents in writing of their need to hold a bin collection contract.

However, new bylaws requiring people to hold such contracts by law are yet to be passed by the Council.

A proportion of dumping around green areas near Killala Gardens is believed to be coming from people not local to the area.

A spokesperson for City Hall said: “Last year, we wrote to residents advising them of the options that were available to properly dispose of their waste.

“In January 2019, we wrote to all residents asking them to provide evidence to Cork City Council that they are disposing of their waste in an appropriate manner, we had a response rate of approx 20%.

“Further correspondence was sent to residents that failed to respond. The deadline for response has not passed and we have an overall response rate of approx 40% to date.

“It is our intention to investigate residents who have not responded or who have failed to respond adequately,” they added.

New litter bylaws are imminent and are due to come through the Council soon.

Fixed penalties of €75 will be issued to households without a satisfactory system in place.

Councillor Mick Nugent said the sooner the new littler laws are brought in, the easier it will become to manage the problem.

“There was a low return on the first communication [with residents in Killala Gardens] but council officials have said this has improved and they will be staying engaged with the area. I would have noticed that dumping is not as bad as it was in and around the area and the green area so the Council activity seems to have had an effect.

“The new bylaws are imminent and I hope to see them passed in the next month or so,” he added.

Cork City Council’s tenant handbook states that rodent infestations on a council-rented property are the responsibility of the tenant.

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