Burn victim abused ambulance crew

Burn victim abused ambulance crew

A LIMERICK woman who was transferred to Cork for treatment for burn injuries ended up getting involved in abusive behaviour towards ambulance personnel who were trying to assist her.

The ill-fated trip to the city by Belinda O’Sullivan, aged 28, of Winter Bed Initiative, Eden Villas, Limerick, resulted in her being jailed for two months.

O’Sullivan, who had over 100 previous convictions, pleaded guilty yesterday at Cork District Court to charges of being drunk and a danger and engaging in threatening behaviour.

Sergeant John Kelleher said that on January 15 at 2.30pm the defendant was on the grounds of Cork Institute of Technology where she was engaging in behaviour contrary to the Public Order Act.

“Gardaí arrived to find the woman being assisted by ambulance personnel. She was highly abusive and aggressive to them.

“She was highly intoxicated. She adamantly refused assistance from the ambulance crew. Gardaí spoke to her and she was abusive and aggressive to the guards.

“She was directed to calm down and leave the area but she became more volatile,” said Sgt Kelleher.

Frank Buttimer, defending, said: “She had been involved in a severe burn incident and was transferred from Limerick to Cork.

“I don’t know how she ended up at CIT.

“And in her condition at the time, she doesn’t know how she ended up at CIT. She actually thought she was on the grounds of Cork University Hospital.

“She has ongoing difficulty with substances, particularly heroin, but she has linked in with the services.

“She has now been placed for the first time on a methadone programme in Limerick Prison.”

Mr Buttimer asked Judge Olann Kelleher to take into consideration her pleas of guilty and her difficulty with substances.

The judge said he would do so but that he also had to take account of her 109 previous convictions.

A total sentence of two months was imposed on her.

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