Russian stole snooker ball from garda station

Russian stole snooker ball from garda station
Anglesea Street Garda station in Cork

A snooker ball was taken from the recreational room of Cork’s main garda station by a Russian man who wanted to demonstrate that security could be breached.

That was how Putnik Neizvestny explained the snooker ball he was carrying when he approached the public desk of Anglesea Street Garda Station.

Neizvestny was fined €200 yesterday for having cannabis in his possession during his unusual escapade at the garda station.

Frank Buttimer, solicitor, said of the Russian yesterday: “He is doing much better in his life now. He was very bad a year ago.”

Judge Olann Kelleher, who recalled the case and the defendant’s appearances in court last year, said: “He was very ill.”

The defendant was previously sentenced to three months in prison for the trespassing offence and yesterday the judge said he would dispense with the drugs charge, arising out of the same circumstances, with a fine.

Sergeant John Kelleher outlined the background to the trespassing, which was how the drugs offence was detected in the first place.

Putnik Neizvestny claimed on the night that he was testing the security of the building for the gardaí. He now lives in the Greenmount area of Cork.

Sgt. Kelleher said: “On July 29, 2017, at approximately 1.45am, Putnik Neizvestny, presented at the public office of Anglesea Street Garda Station having entered the station via the rear car park and through the fire exit where bicycles are stored.

“He had gone to the third floor where he tried unsuccessfully to have access to the roof. He then circled the third floor, second floor and first floor before exiting the way he entered and walking into the lobby through the front door to the public hatch.

“He told the guard on duty where he had been and said he was checking the security of the building. Garda Ben Denton searched the offender and found him in possession of a snooker ball which he claimed he had taken from the snooker room on the first floor as proof that he had been in the building without knowledge of the gardaí.”

The 42-year-old had some previous public order convictions and one older count of trespassing.

Defending, Mr Buttimer said previously in relation to the accused: “He is an unusual gentleman who is most engaging. I have had conversations with him. He is highly intelligent, has excellent English and I don’t think he is offensive. He is demonstrative and expressive. He has admiration for the Brehon laws of this state.”

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