NAGP council resigns as president cites “grave concerns” over governance

NAGP council resigns as president cites “grave concerns” over governance
Dr Maitiú O Tuathail who resigned as NAGP President. Photograph: Conor Healy

The national council of the National Association for General Practitioners (NAGP) has resigned, citing concerns over governance within the union, it has been revealed.

The council, which included NAGP president Dr Maitiu O’Tuathail and acts in an advisory role, tendered their resignations on Friday.

A message sent to union members revealed that concerns were raised about the governance of the NAGP at last year’s convention.

Following this, the National Council commissioned a governance report from Ampersand, which recommended a new governance structure for the organisation.

Subsequently, serious issues of internal governance were brought to the attention of the National Council and the directors of the NAGP.

While the council said that “significant efforts were made to resolve these issues a process of renewal, transparency, and accountability,” this was not achieved, hailing the wave of resignations.

“We regret and apologize to our members, that this was not achieved.

“As a result, the National Council, whose role is advisory, have tendered their resignation to the Directors.” Speaking to The Echo, Dr O'Tuathail said:

“It is with regret that I have decided to resign as president of the NAGP.” “I have grave concerns with regards to the governance of the organisation and cannot continue as president as a result.” “I hope to be able to represent general practice again at some point in the future,” he added.

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