A plan for a northern ring road of Cork has been on the books for 15 years

A plan for a northern ring road of Cork has been on the books for 15 years
A map showing the possible route of the Northern Ring Road that would connect the Cork to Limerick road to the M8 Cork to Dublin motorway.

CITY Hall has said it is committed to delivering a Northern Ring Road to the city amid claims from councillors that traffic on the northside of the city is unsustainable.

Cork City Council director of roads Gerry O’Beirne said the project has been included in all of the city council’s capital cost applications and a portion of it is included in the N28 Dunkettle interchange redevelopment.

However, with original plans for the infrastructure development now 15 years old, the M20 Cork to Limerick motorway planning stages progressing and a number of large-scale housing developments planned for the northside of the city, calls are growing for Government funding to be allocated to the project.

The estimated €500m Northern Ring Road is not included in the Government’s 2040 Project Ireland capital plan.

Councillor Thomas Gould (SF) said highly residential areas on the northside of the city are struggling to cope with the levels of heavy goods vehicles and traffic coming through them.

He has warned that a serious accident is only a matter of time away and has urged Cork City Council to up the pressure on the Government to deliver the project.

“What is Cork City Council doing to drive on the Northern Ring Road in terms of capital projects because there are articulated trucks flying up and down Cathedral Road, Sun Valley Drive, Popham’s Hill and all the different arteries going into the northside and somebody is going to be hurt. You are looking at vehicles that shouldn’t be going into residential areas right across the northside,” he added.

New Cork Chamber president Paula Cogan said the Government’s commitment to infrastructure delivery is an “area of concern” for the business community in the city.

She has warned that heavy goods vehicles need to be taken out of the city’s arteries and the M20 and Northern Ring Road are vital to achieving this.

“We need a laser-sharp delivery focus from Government in 2019 or our reputation for infrastructural delivery among the global and local business community will be on the line. Every state agency, civil servant and policy document must acknowledge the specific role of Cork in Ireland 2040.

"Cork Chamber champions sustainable transport, renewable energy, density, infrastructure and placemaking. This is why our members prioritise sustainable transport and accommodation. If our City region is anything short of exemplary in these fields, then we have failed the next generation of investors, innovators, entrepreneurs and influencers. A City region that stagnates very quickly becomes an irrelevance,” Ms Cogan added.

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