Infill housing scheme for the Tarry Path at ‘advanced’ stage

Infill housing scheme for the Tarry Path at ‘advanced’ stage
Residents of Lagan Grove, Mayfield, Cork are having their windows broken as stones are thrown at their windows from the tarry path which runs behind their houses. So they have put up shutters. Picture Dan Linehan

AN infill housing scheme for the Tarry Path is now at an “advanced” design stage, City Hall has confirmed, after residents in an adjacent housing estate complained they are being terrorised by stone throwing from the passage way.

It was reported in The Echo earlier this month that Lagan Grove householders are being terrorised by gangs throwing stones and rocks at their homes from the Tarry Path. The path runs behind Lagan Grove and is used as a link route by residents in other nearby housing estates.

The situation has become so bad that residents have taken to erecting wire mesh protection on their window to protect themselves.

The city council’s executive has now agreed to facilitate meetings with ward councillors to discuss a possible interim solution to tackle the anti-social behaviour being experienced by people in the Mayfield housing estate. The council’s director of housing Brian Geaney said: “The city architects department is currently at an advanced stage with a design layout for an infill housing scheme at this location. The housing and community directorate facilitated a meeting with local ward members to agree interim measures to mitigate the effects of anti-social behaviour in the vicinity, but an agreed solution, among those on attendance, was not arrived at.

“Possible interventions and measures discussed included the closing of the pathway and the provision of fencing to protect existing properties.

“A further meeting will be organised in the near future to progress these matters, with the intention of exploring a route to an agreed solution,” he added.

Councillor Mick Nugent (SF) said City Hall needs to address residents’ concerns immediately.

“The council will have to look at another policy of replacement because there are repeated incidents of windows being broken,” he said.

“There needs to be a plan to ensure people’s safety. This is no way for people to live.”

The council has previously dealt with motions calling for a €40,000 fence to be built behind the houses and for the section of the Tarry Path to be blocked off to public access.

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