'Importance of site must be spelt out to the city'

'Importance of site must be spelt out to the city'
County Hall, Cork. Picture Dan Linehan

County Councillors have “strongly requested” that the Chief Executive of County Hall, Tim Lucey, write to his city counterpart to emphasise the importance of a specific Strategic Land Reserve (SLR) being transferred with the boundary extension on May 31.

One of the eight land reserves being transferred from the county to the city has been identified as a key plot owned by a single landowner, who also happens to be a developer who builds houses.

The area, known as SLR 3, is located in Castletreasure, near Douglas in the south of the city.

Fianna Fáil Councillor Daithi O’Donnabhain said that he was concerned the importance of the site could be lost in translation with regards to the expansion of the city.

“This development could deliver 500 houses over the course of the development, now, in the context of media reports of people queuing overnight for houses, this is a deliverable plan that I think we should prioritise.” Mr O’Donnabhain said that the importance of the project needs to be spelt out to the city.

“I think it needs for the Chief Executive of the council to write to the Chief Executive of the City Council and spell out that it is the views of the members and the cork county council that SLR 3 should be granted a special significance and also be prioritised in the area as this is the feelings of the council that if we had more time, that we would have delivered it.” 

The request from Mr O’Donnabhain received unanimous support from the members of the Ballincollig/Carrigaline Municipal District.

Fine Gael Councillor Deirdre Forde said she had been talking to City Council officials who told her that they have not gotten communication from the Chief Executive in relation to the enthusiasm for this particular proposal.

“I would like that the planning policy and the chief executive liaise with the city about this much-needed project.”

 Cork County Council Senior Executive Planner Padraig Moore said that the importance of the site had been emphasized to the city and they were aware that this area was the best of the SLRs.

The Municipal District has requested that the Chief Executive and the Planning Policy writes to the City’s Chief Executive Ann Doherty and the City Council regarding the importance of the site and the potential of what it can deliver for the people of Cork

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