Disabled drivers may get access to Patrick St

Disabled drivers may get access to Patrick St

CITY HALL is to decide whether disabled drivers will be given access to Patrick Street while the daily private car ban is in place.

Councillor Tim Brosnan has asked the local authority to consider allowing disabled drivers, who can park at four bays on Academy Street and two bays at St Peter and Paul’s Church, to be given an allowance to drive onto the city’s main thoroughfare between 3pm and 6.30pm each day.

Users of the disabled bays cannot exit the bays after 3pm and enter onto Patrick Street, meaning that if they need to remove their cars, they have to reverse back down one-way Academy Street to join up with traffic.

Mr Brosnan said this is problematic and renders the spaces unusable for three and half hours per day.

“Equality for disabled people means equality of access and the matter in which the City Council has approached disabled parking is, in my view, Dickensian,” he said. “The four parking bays were put there specifically to allow people easy access to Patrick Street and the town centre and bring them as close as possible.

“There are two parking bays outside St Peter and Paul’s Church which are poorly marked and can’t really be used either.

“I believe disabled people have a constitutional right to access the street and should not be forbidden by law.

“There is a problem with the national legislation on bus corridors which is discriminating against disabled people who want to shop or be dropped off at Patrick Street.”

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