Clean bandit: Man jailed after stealing soap from house

Clean bandit: Man jailed after stealing soap from house

A 55-year-old man who burgled a house by leaning in the bathroom window to steal soap claimed that he only wanted to wash himself — but unfortunately for him, he failed to make a clean getaway.

He was jailed for six months yesterday on the charge of burgling the house at Arderrow, Rathcooney Road, Glanmire, Co Cork, at 915pm on February 12.

Sergeant Gearóid Davis said a 12-year-old girl went to the bathroom of her family home and saw a man outside the window.

She ran to get her mother who arrived in the bathroom to see the man pulling open the window. She saw that he had removed soap and a toothbrush.

Christy McCarthy of St Vincent’s hostel pleaded guilty to burglary yesterday and to public order charges arising out of two other incidents, including one where he was threatening gardaí and others while not wearing any trousers.

Defence solicitor said in relation to stealing soap from the bathroom: “Though it might appear far-fetched his condition was dirty and he intended cleaning himself with what he found on the windowsill. He had tried to use sand from the ground to clean himself before that.

“In the incident where he was bereft of trousers, he had alcohol taken. There is an underlying psychiatric difficulty.”

Judge Olann Kelleher imposed an overall sentence of six months which he backdated to February 27, as he has been in custody since then.

Sergeant Gearóid Davis said of the other two incidents: “He was found at Crosse’s Green in an intoxicated and abusive state. He was not wearing pants at the time.

“On another date, he was abusive to staff at St Vincent’s hostel on Anglesea Terrace in Cork and when he was searched later, he was found with a knife in his possession.”

Mr Cuddigan said it was a Swiss Army knife which did have knives on it, but that the accused had it for its can-opener and bottle-opener utensils.

In a lively bail application in relation to these charges, Christy McCarthy of St Vincent’s hostel, Cork, said to Judge Olann Kelleher: “Do you know the law? I know the law. I have been through this shit before with ye.”

Judge Kelleher reminded him that the court was showing respect to him and that he should show respect to the court. McCarthy replied: “Do you want me to get down on my knees or what?”

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