70 years on Jenny and Thomas are still hopelessly in love

70 years on Jenny and Thomas are still hopelessly in love

Thomas and Jenny Martin, enjoying a previous anniversary at home together. Today they celebrate their 70th anniversary. 

AN inspiring husband and wife team will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary tomorrow — making them one of Cork’s longest-married couples.

Jenny and Thomas Martin, who are both in their 90s and living in Shandon, shared their secrets to wedded bliss to mark the platinum occasion.

The pair remain just as love as on the day they met at a picnic in May of 1947.

“I don’t think you could sit side by side with someone every night for that many years and not be in love,” Jenny said. “We are compatible down to the ground. Thomas and I watch the same programmes on TV and read the same books. We had a car but our sight isn’t as good as it was, meaning driving is no longer possible. We’re particularly grateful to the library who bring the books directly to our door. People are so accommodating when you’re older.”

The hopelessly-in-love couple also enjoy some time to themselves.

“He has his own television upstairs for watching the football,” Jenny laughed.

When it comes to celebrations Jenny prefers to keep things simple: “We’ve never felt the need for presents. Thomas and I were always happy as we were.”

Jenny expressed her gratitude to everyone who supports them to live an independent life, including their home help Majella.

“She is a beautiful person and at this stage has become like one of the family,” Jenny said. “Every morning she comes and gets us our breakfast.”

She dished out some valuable advice for newlyweds.

“My main piece of advice would be to not go to bed with a bad feeling in your heart because it could fester into the morning and possibly the following days.”

Health is a huge priority for the Cork woman and her husband.

“We cook all our own meals, eat a lot of vegetables and don’t smoke,” Jenny said. “We might have the odd drink but we lead very healthy lives.

“Thomas and I like to sit out in the garden a lot so we’re not confined to the house. “

She shared her views on love in the 21st century.

“It’s very dangerous to be looking for your husband online so people these days have to be very careful. Times are different now so you have to make sure you know the man you’re marrying.

“Long ago you knew exactly who the person you fell in love with was because you knew his people. However, things have changed now as so many family members are moving abroad.”

Jenny and Thomas raised five children, Helen, Frank, Miriam, David, Claire and the late Miriam.

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