Call for monitored recycling centre in Carrigaline 

Call for monitored recycling centre in Carrigaline 
Dumping at the Carrigaline recycling centre has raised calls for a designated centre that's monitored better.

CARRIGALINE is in serious need of a designated recycling centre, rather than two that are not monitored regularly, according to local Councillor Liam O’Connor.

The recycling centre in Supervalu’s car park was the site of dumping recently, with rubbish left scattered in front of the bins.

While the store owns the land, it is the council who own the bins.

If dumping were to continue, there are concerns that SuperValu might decide the bins could no longer remain on site.

The retailer said it is now planning to monitor their CCTV more frequently to try and prevent the problem from recurring.

Locals say Carrigaline’s second recycling centre, in the Owenabue car park, is also regularly abused, with people either dumping their rubbish or not recycling correctly.

Cllr O’Connor confirmed that fines had been issued for dumping at the recycling centre.

He has said that a way to tackle the issue is to have one designated centre, which would also be able to accommodate to the demands of the growing population in the town.

“The first Carrigaline Municipal District meeting is on Monday and I have a motion to see if Carrigaline now get a designated recycling centre that is suitable for the town, rather than having two separate places that are not regularly monitored or maintained,” he told The Echo.

Cllr O’Connor feels that while Carrigaline is not as badly affected by dumping as some other parts of Cork, the sites would still benefit from being monitored more diligently. 

He said: “They just get abused, maybe if CCTV was put in there and it was monitored and those people were prosecuted it would stop it.

“It’s not a daily or weekly problem but it does happen a lot throughout the year in both car parks.”

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