Garda warning of ‘distraction-style’ robberies taking place in Cork

Garda warning of ‘distraction-style’ robberies taking place in Cork

A woman in Kinsale was the victim of a theft on Thursday morning.

Gardaí are warning people to beware of anyone trying to distract them in order for someone else to stage a robbery.

A woman in Kinsale was the victim of an alleged theft on Thursday morning when a couple distracted her and stole her purse.

While at her car outside Lidl, the woman was approached by a young couple asking for directions. It is believed the man took her purse from the passenger seat of her car while the victim was looking at a map with the woman.

A Garda spokesperson told The Echo that a common practice from a particular gang is to “shoulder surf” someone.

This involves following a person they think is vulnerable or an easy target and then observing them when they go to pay, watching them enter their pin at the till.

There was an amount withdrawn from the Kinsale woman’s bank account but a second attempt to withdraw further funds was blocked.

The Garda spokesperson said that this is the modus operandi for a particular Eastern European gang who are believed to be Leinster-based and travel around the country repeating the offence.

Gardaí have said that their investigation, in this case, is at an advanced stage and have identified two suspects after gathering CCTV footage. They say an arrest is imminent.

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