Tommy Tiernan raring to go ahead of Live At The Marquee

Tommy Tiernan raring to go ahead of Live At The Marquee

Tommy Tiernan performing on the Live At The Marquee stage last year. Picture: Darragh Kane

Comparing acting to coffee and stand-up to cocaine, Tommy Tiernan looks set to give another stellar performance next month when the veteran comedian takes to the Live At The Marquee stage to fuel up on his drug of choice.

Discussing the upcoming gigs, Tommy told The Echo he is looking forward to his Cork appearances this summer just as he did his very first comedy gig, which took place in Cork many moons ago.

“My first comedy gig was in City Limits,” Tommy says. “It was the winter of 1995 and I was supporting a guy called Mark Doherty.

“I got the bus down from Galway, I stayed in The Royal Victoria Hotel.

“I got paid €60-€70 for the gig and I loved every second of it.”

Tommy says it was like all his dreams come true.

“It was the most glamorous thing in the world to me, I loved it. I have gigged a lot in City Limits over the years from 1995 - 2003.

“You have ideas about something before you get into it and gigging in City Limits was all those things come true.

“I really could not have asked for a better starting point.”

Tommy says he has a fierce allegiance to the City Limits Comedy Club and would never perform at any other club in the city.

“The only club I would do in Cork is City Limits, I will probably be back there sometime next year.

“I am very fond of Brian Coughlan, who runs the club, and I have such great memories in that club.”

Speaking about the stand-up lifestyle, Tommy says it can be a solitary existence.

“When you work as a stand-up, you work alone, you’re kind of like an assassin. I don’t hang out with other comedians, I drive there by myself, go in, do the business and leave. I drive home by myself.”

In comparison to that, the Derry Girls star says acting is entirely different.

“It’s all about working with other people and you are not carrying sole responsibility, and it is great,” he says.

“The hours are long, and the talent of other people is bewildering… I remember doing a scene with Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays my daughter [Erin].

“She was talented to the point of being untrustworthy!”

In terms of Cork comedians, Tommy says he is a big fan of Chris Kent.

“He really makes me laugh and I think his stuff is so smart, he would be one of the best comics that I would have seen. He’s fantastic.”

In terms of Kent’s future, Tommy says you can never predict big things for someone, you just have to let it all play out.

“The most you can wish for at the start of a career in comedy is the ability to make enough money to pay your bills out of it, after that you are probably asking for too much.”

Tommy says he was 28 when he realised he would always be able to earn money doing stand-up comedy.

“The relief of that was massive,” Tommy said.

“Comics can have great ambitions and stuff, but the main thing is if you can earn enough money to pay your bills, from something like stand-up, that is something. The rest is up to the public.”

  • Tommy Tiernan is performing his show, Paddy Crazy Horse, at Live At
    The Marquee on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5. Tickets are available on

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