Road hauliers on trial accused of murder in Fermoy

Road hauliers on trial accused of murder in Fermoy
Gardai pictured at the scene in Fermoy where the body of a man, Ludovit Pasztor, in his 30s, was discovered in 2017 at a truck stop off Pike Road, Fermoy. Pic Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

TWO Polish road hauliers who were working in Ireland were put on trial today on the charge of murdering another Eastern European man at a filling station in Fermoy over two years ago.

It was alleged that the deceased and his friend brought iron bars from a trampoline to the scene after getting into a verbal dispute with the two accused.

Tomasz Wasowicz, aged 45, and Marcin Skrzypezyk, aged 31, are charged with the murder of Ludovit Pasztor, aged 40, on February 21, 2017, at the Amber filling station at Carrrignagroghera, Fermoy.

Mr Wasowicz faces the additional charge of being in possession of a weapon, namely a stun-gun, at the same date and place.

Siobhán Lankford, prosecuting, gave the jury what she described as a road map of the anticipated evidence but stressed that her outline was not itself evidence.

She said the deceased, Mr Pasztor, had been drinking with his friend, Mariusz Osaill, that afternoon. Both men went to the Amber filling station near Mr Osail’s house at around 9.30pm/9.45pm and bought eight cans of Carlsberg.

On that same evening, Tomasz Wasowicz and Marcin Skrzypezyk, who worked as drivers for Macroom Haulage, were resting at the car park of the filling station and were to stay the night there.

Ms Lankford said: “Mr Pasztor and Mr Osail were making their way out of the filling station having bought alcohol and they heard voices and recognised them as Polish and struck up a conversation with Mr Wasowicz and Mr Skrzypezyk. That conversation turned sour at some point. There were ‘verbals’.

“Mr Osail and Mr Pasztor left and went back to Mr Osail’s house. There were a number of bars from a trampoline behind a shed. They took two of the bars and went back to resume the conversation with Mr Wasowicz and Mr Skrzypezyk and knocked on the door of Mr Wasowicz’s truck. The two men got out,” said the prosecution senior counsel.

“The accused had disarmed Mr Osail and Mr Pasztor and hit these individuals, in particular, Mr Pasztor. Mr Osail appears to have gotten up. Mr Wasowicz and Mr Skrzypezyk returned to their respective trucks.

“It may be said that certain of these acts were carried out in self-defence. The state will have to deal with that,” she said.

The trial continues on Tuesday.

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