Watch: Activist Greta Thunberg sends support to Cork protesters

Watch: Activist Greta Thunberg sends support to Cork protesters

CLIMATE activist Greta Thunberg has sent a message of support to protesters against a proposed plastic plant in Skibbereen.

The Swedish teenager, who rose to fame last after kickstarting school strikes for climate action, sent a video to the Save Our Skibbereen and Bantry Bay - Protect our Native Kelp Forest campaigns.

In the video, she said:

"I want to send my full support to the climate activists in Cork who are fighting to stop the building of a new plastic factory and the harvesting of kelp along the coastline.

"You have our full support and we stand behind you. We are very grateful that you are fighting for everyone's future.

"Don't give up and never stop."

Save Our Skibbereen is fighting a planning application for an RTP Company thermoplastic compounds facility at Poundlick, Skibbereen.

Though the application has been granted permission, the group has successfully applied for a Judicial Review of the decision and is waiting for that to progress.

The Bantry group is fighting a license granted to harvest 1860 acres of native kelp in Bantry Bay.

BioAtlantis, the company behind the project, said claims about kelp harvesting are inaccurate.

A spokesperson for the company said: “In Ireland, it has been estimated approximately 600,000 tonnes of kelp is washed ashore annually where it rots, emitting toxic gases and promoting the growth of E. coli. Harvesting a minute portion of this will have absolutely no effect on climate change.”

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