'Intensive programme of improvements' underway at Cork hospital found non-compliant by HIQA

'Intensive programme of improvements' underway at Cork hospital found non-compliant by HIQA
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A CORK hospital found to be in breach of nine health regulations said it is improving and aiming for greater compliance.

A recent inspection by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) into Kanturk Community Hospital found the hospital to be non-compliant with regulations such as end of life care, fire precautions and infection control.

The health watchdog raised concerns surrounding the safety of electrical equipment throughout the centre, claiming that several reports from the hospital “did not provide assurances that a coherent approach to fire safety was being taken”.

HIQA inspectors also noted that while the hospital now has an operational sluice room, where used disposables are dealt with and medical and surgical instruments are sterilized and disinfected, the room could not accommodate a sluice sink in line with best practice guidelines.

There was also no storage facilities for assistive equipment in the centre, according to inspectors who found that a bathroom with specialist bath facilities and one shower room was not used as they were inaccessible due to the amount of equipment stored.

In terms of end of life regulations, inspectors found that while some care plans had person-centred information regarding end of life care wishes, others totally lacked detail of any wishes the resident may have regarding their spiritual and end of life care.

“One staff member spoken with did not have training in end of life care and was unable to complete an end of life care plan,” said inspectors.

Responding to the report, a spokesperson for Cork Kerry Community Healthcare acknowledged that work needs to be done but also that the report was “the first to reflect the impact of an intensive programme of improvements made at the community hospital”.

“The report found a significant improvement in the prevailing culture, and we were particularly pleased to read that inspectors found that staff deliver care that is calm, relaxed and sociable, with staff engaging with residents to find out their choices and preferences, and to allay concerns and anxieties.

“The report points out that inspectors met some residents and family members, and their feedback was positive.

“While Kanturk Community Hospital has not yet reached full compliance with all of HIQA’s standards, it’s clear from the report published today that it has already moved towards a vastly improved environment and experience for residents.”

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