Steroids led bodybuilder down a reckless path to supplying drugs, court told

Steroids led bodybuilder down a reckless path to supplying drugs, court told
The Courthouse on Anglesea Street

STEROIDS caused a bodybuilder’s thinking to become so reckless that he ended up supplying steroids and cocaine, it was claimed, but today after evidence of turning his life around he was given a four-year suspended jail term.

Cormac Sheehan of 12 Poplar Avenue, Fota Rock, Carrigtwohill, was given the fully suspended four-year sentenced by Judge Gerard O’Brien following a plea of guilty last year to the drug-related crimes at Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

Donal O’Sullivan, barrister, said: “He was bodybuilding for many years and taking them (steroids) for many years. He is no longer doing so. He has gone for counselling and gone to his GP.

“One could not imagine how it has come to his.

“He had been abusing steroids for many years. They affect a person’s thinking.

“They make reckless thinking more likely. This behaviour was out of character for him.”

The barrister added today that the accused would not have had any background in drugs prior to these offences being detected.

He has stopped bodybuilding, has nothing more to do with drugs and is concentrating on his job.

Judge Gerard O’Brien said: “It seems counter-intuitive that a person who bodybuilds would be involved in dealing cocaine.”

The judge said that every court in the country was blue in the face from commenting on the destruction to society caused by illicit drugs.

The judge noted from background evidence that after the defendant’s co-operation and his behaviour since it was adjourned that Sheehan had mended his ways.

Detective Garda Des Cogan testified today that gardaí stopped the accused in his car at Jacob’s Island and found he had €8,300 worth of cocaine as well as a large quantity of steroids. He also had over €1,000 in cash.

In a follow-up search of his home, he was found to have more steroids and over €2,000 in cash.

All of the money was forfeited to the State.

Sheehan, aged 41, who is originally from Turner’s Cross, pleaded guilty to charges including having cocaine for sale or supply at Jacob’s Island, Mahon Point, Cork, last July.

He admitted other charges of not being a pharmacist but having medicinal products, placing unauthorised medical products on the market and keeping prescription-only products without a prescription.

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