Rent crisis laid bare in Cork as more than 50 people queue up to view a single city apartment

Rent crisis laid bare in Cork as more than 50 people queue up to view a single city apartment
People queuing to view a rental property on the Lee Road. Pic: Tom Redmond

MORE than 50 people queued this week to view a single apartment in Cork in what has been described as another glaring indictment of the ongoing housing crisis.

The striking image of the long queue to view the two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment on the Lee Road in Cork was posted on Twitter by a student at UCC, Tom Redmond.

He said he is currently searching for reasonably priced accommodation close to UCC and is finding the hunt extremely difficult.

Another viewer, primary school teacher Cailín O’Shea, who is looking for accommodation with her boyfriend, said the viewing was “depressing and enlightening”.

Speaking to The Echo, Cailín explained that she and her boyfriend had been living and working abroad for the last few months and now wanted to move to Cork.

“We have a good few friends who were house-hunting in Cork around this time last year, so we kinda knew what to expect.”

She said that the property agency just turned the key and stood outside as everyone who was queuing filed in together to view the apartment.

Cailín said that in Luxembourg, where the pair had been living previously, there was a huge contrast to what they encountered this week.

“The condition of the apartment wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t awful.

“The living room/kitchen was bright and clean enough. The bedrooms were depressing though.”

Discussing their ongoing search for accommodation, Cailín said the couple do not have any more viewings lined up at present.

“There are a few more places on Daft that fit in our budget, but they look awful in the photos or they’re very cramped.

“I don’t think there’s value for money in Cork.

“We were in Luxembourg before this and rent is expensive there too, but you get good support from the agencies, bills, refuse, wifi etc are all included,” she said.

The latest Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) index revealed that Cork City had the second-highest average rent earlier this year, behind Dublin, at €1,158 per month — even though the city experienced the slower level of growth of the cities, at 7.1%.

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