The luckiest counties for EuroMillions wins have been ranked and Cork is nowhere near the top

The luckiest counties for EuroMillions wins have been ranked and Cork is nowhere near the top

Cork is one of the unluckier counties for EuroMillions lottery wins despite a recent string of victories.

The National Lottery has released new figures ranking the counties based on the number of top prizes won per head of population.

Cork is placed 18th on the list with Co Louth on top. 25 people in the ‘Wee County’ have won almost €7 million playing EuroMillions in the past 15 years, which means one in just over 5,000 people in Louth has won a top prize.

Cork has had 63 top prize wins in the Euromillions with more than €31 million paid out. With our population of more than half a million it means there is a top prize win for one on every 8,617 people.

However, the Louth rate is one in every 5,155.

Co Laois is at the bottom of the list with a win rate of one in every 16,939.

Despite Cork's position in the bottom half of the league table, the county has enjoyed a recent run of Euromillions success.

Three times in the past two weeks, a EuroMillions Plus prize of €500,000 was sold in the rebel county.

The most recent was a winning ticket sold in Twohig’s SuperValu store on Strand St, Kanturk.

Speaking on these figures, a National Lottery spokesperson said: “One of the questions we frequently get asked here at the National Lottery, is which county is the luckiest place to buy a EuroMillions ticket. This is what we sought to find with these statistics. Using data from the 2016 Census combined with our own winner’s information we were able to crunch the numbers to confirm that Co. Louth is the luckiest EuroMillions County in Ireland.”

How Ireland's counties are ranked when it comes to Euromillions wins:

1 Louth

2 Mayo 

3 Limerick

4 Dublin 

5 Wexford 

6 Kildare 

7 Leitrim 

8 Kerry 

9 Clare 

10 Monaghan 

11 Waterford 

12 Sligo

13 Westmeath 

14 Kilkenny 

15 Meath 

16 Carlow 

17 Donegal 

18 Cork 

19 Wicklow 

20 Tipperary 

21 Galway 

22 Offaly 

23 Longford 

24 Cavan 

25 Roscommon 

26 Laois 

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