East Cork to get 10 new bus shelters

East Cork to get 10 new bus shelters

The 10 new bus shelters will be allocated to different areas around east Cork.

After four years of fighting, East Cork is to receive ten new bus shelters although local councillor Susan McCarthy said the Department still left the area “a bit short”.

The bus shelters were allocated to the areas that needed them most with five to be installed in Midleton, four in Youghal as well as one each in Ballinacurra and Castlemartyr.

A replacement shelter is to be constructed westbound by the Midleton Park Hotel, with two other westbound shelters to be installed in Midleton, one outside Lee Travel and another outside AIB Bank.

Two Eastbound shelters are also to be built, one outside the courthouse and one outside DAWG.

Ballinacurra is to receive one Westbound shelter outside the Coop and Castlemartyr are also to get one along the main street.

In Youghal, two Westbound and two Eastbound shelters are to be constructed. Eastbound the shelters are outside the Greyhound track (replacement shelter) and outside the Walter Raleigh Hotel.

Westbound there are replacement shelters being installed outside the Fairfield Car Park and the Lifeboat station.

Fine Gael Councillor Susan McCarthy said she was thrilled and delighted with the news that there were to be ten new bus shelters in the East Cork district, but said she was frustrated by the process, the lengthy timeframe involved in getting the facilities for the area and the rigid budgeting that doesn’t take into the account the area or population size.

“I am delighted, but we could have done with a lot more in places such as Cloyne village and Whitegate village.

“Outside the primary school in Castlemartyr often has a number of students waiting to go to college in the city and that would have been another good location for a bus shelter.” Mrs McCarthy said that different districts had different needs and it was frustrating that more leeway was not given to budgetary matters.

“I am thrilled overall, it is just a shame that it is such an arbitrary figure. It should work out of the budget in relation to what is needed, that would have been better than always leaving us a bit short.”

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