Poop and scoop bins a 'massive success'; to be rolled out city wide 

Poop and scoop bins a 'massive success'; to be rolled out city wide 
Dust bin for dog poop.

POOP and scoop bins installed for dog owners on the northside and southside of the city on a trial basis will now likely be rolled out in other locations.

The bins have proved a “massive success” after they were installed in Mayfield and Togher in areas used regularly by dog walkers.

The bins are in situ in Mayfield by Colmcille Road and on Togher Road.

Councillor Joe Kavanagh said the project, that has been led by City Hall director of services for the environment Michael Sheehan, proves that the facilities work and has called for them to be rolled out across the city.

“The bins are emptied three times a week and they are three-quarters full," he said. "That in itself proves that they are a necessity because if the dog waste wasn’t in the bin it would be on the street. The streetscape in the Colmcille Road area has been dramatically improved.

“I know of one dog walker who has changed their route just so they can use the bins. The area where they are installed has noticeably improved and this has been a really positive initiative by the city council. This is all about changing the behaviour of people in regard to how they deal with their dog’s waste and this proves that if you give people the facilities, they will use them. 

A city council spokesperson said: “The routes, one on the north side (Mayfield) and one on the south side (Togher) are located in areas currently used by dog walkers and are designed to promote responsible dog ownership and to remind dog owners and dog walkers of their responsibilities.”

Cork City Council recently appointed six councillors to the new dog fouling committee aimed at improving dog control: Kenneth O’Flynn who is chair, Joe Kavanagh; Tony Fitzgerald; Shane O’Callaghan; Colm Kelleher and Ted Tynan.

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