Scenic spot overlooking the city is blighted by illegal dumping

Scenic spot overlooking the city is blighted by illegal dumping
Litter at Bell's Field.

CONCERNS have been raised about dumping at one of the city’s most scenic spots after rubbish was allowed to accumulate over a number of days.

Bell’s Field, near Patrick’s Hill, is one of the most iconic places in the city having been used by TV stations for news interviews and was immortalised by The Young Offenders movie and television show.

It is frequented by tourists on a daily basis who gather to take pictures of the view out over Shandon.

However, images taken by The Echo on Monday evening show rubbish, which appear to be domestic waste, left alongside overflowing litter bins in the area.

Stephen Scully of Cork City Council recreation and amenity department said the matter arose due to cleaning equipment not being available because of a depot fire.

Litter at Bell's Field.
Litter at Bell's Field.

“Bell’s Field is normally litter picked a few times a week by our Parks staff.

“Last week, our Glen Parks Depot suffered major fire damage including damage to machinery which prevented normal operations service including emptying of bins and litter picking.

“We will have the area cleaned in the next day or so, and litter checked to see if any culprit can be identified.”

According to local resident John Coakley, the dumping and littering at Bell’s Field is not an isolated incident.

“It’s a constant problem, unfortunately. The current situation is the council collects the rubbish Monday to Friday and local people keep the place clean at weekends.

“At the moment, it looks very bad. There was a wedding party there taking pictures there last week and it’s lucky it was clean that day. However, there was a tourist bus there another day and there was rubbish there.

“It gives a very bad impression of the city. This area is as scenic as Fitzgerald Park and you get a lot of tourists going up there. The majority of people use the bins but when they are overflowing, the stuff goes on the ground.

“Residents are doing their part, we need the council to clear it Monday to Friday. It’s a shame that it gets so dirty,” he added.

Councillor Ken O’Flynn has urged the council to make litter picks at Bell’s Field a priority.

“The Bell’s Field has been used by RTÉ and BBC and is one of the foremost places where people will interview for television in Cork. It is travelled daily by tourists and it’s heartbreaking to see people are so disrespectful that brings so much benefit to the city and county.”

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