Shocking crime stats: 13,000 burglaries in Cork over the past decade

Shocking crime stats: 13,000 burglaries in Cork over the past decade

MORE than 13,000 burglaries have occurred in Cork over the past decade, according to CSO figures.

A total of 13,296 reported burglaries were carried out in Cork over the past ten years.

This is equivalent to one in every 14 homes or businesses in the county experiencing a break-in during this time period.

With 1,041 reported burglaries at Watercourse Road Garda Station, the northside station recorded the most burglaries of any of Cork’s Garda stations.

Anglesea Street (1,030) and Gurranabraher (781) were the second and third highest respectively. With just 13 each both Durrus and Drinagh received the lowest number of burglary reports for the county.

In total, 245,260 burglaries occurred in Ireland in the 10 years between January 2009 and December 2018. While there were significant variations year-on-year, 2018 saw the lowest number of burglaries for the decade (16,969).

The analysis shows that when compared to the nationwide burglary rate of an average of one in every seven homes or premises being burgled Cork is considerably safer.

Elsewhere, Dublin accounted for 41% of all burglaries in the country over the past decade, equivalent to 1 in 5 premises in the county, while Kerry showed the lowest burglary levels the equivalent of 1 in 19 properties.

According to PhoneWatch, who carried out the analysis of the data, this “demonstrates the importance for all of us to be vigilant in protecting our properties.” 

According to the figures, the darker months show increased levels of burglary with research stating that when the clocks go back burglary rates are 31% higher.

Overall, November is the highest month for burglary for many years, accounting for 11% of break-ins on average. In most recent years, there has been a rise in burglaries in January and February, with burglaries during these two months almost doubling over the past decade (+92%).

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