Cork woman gets her own billboard after good deed

Cork woman gets her own billboard after good deed
Annette McCarthy's Cadbury Billboard at Mahon Point Shopping Centre in Cork. Credit: David Clynch

A Cork woman has received her own billboard highlighting her good deed after she stopped to help an elderly lady with her broken-down car. 

Annette McCarthy was driving her two boys home from crèche when she noticed a car pulled over onto the hard shoulder. 

A spare wheel sat on the grass next to the car, along with an elderly lady. Her car had broken down, and she was stuck.

Annette returned home to get her husband, and the family travelled back to help the older woman.

Annette's husband and their two sons helped to change the tyre while Annette introduced herself to the stranded woman.

To mark this kind gesture, Cadbury Ireland has erected a billboard at Mahon Point Shopping Centre, close to where the breakdown occurred.

The story came about after Cadbury Ireland called out to their social media followers, asking people to submit stories of generosity and good deeds.

The chocolate company are now highlighting these good deeds through a series of out-of-home advertising and billboards.

"We are a nation known for our warmth and friendliness. Positive interaction between friends, families and even strangers often inspire others to do the very same," said Tricia Burke, Cadbury Ireland Senior Brand Manager.

"But, in our busy lives, these small but meaningful acts can often go unnoticed or unappreciated. This campaign is all about shining a light on those special moments because we can never have enough positivity in our lives. We are thrilled to highlight the McCarthy’s lovely story."

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