Cars clamped in CIT cycle lanes amid calls for greater segregation measures

Cars clamped in CIT cycle lanes amid calls for greater segregation measures
Parking on cycle lanes at CIT. Pic by David Beechinor

Cars parked in the cycle lanes at Cork Institute of Technology have been clamped in recent days amid calls for more segregation measures to be implemented.

The Echo has highlighted the spate of illegal parking on cycle lanes in CIT in recent years amid calls for greater segregation.

It was revealed recently that CIT’s segregated cycle lanes would be reinstated in the near future thanks to the persistence of a student at the institute.

Previously, the cycle lanes leading into the CIT campus were segregated but part of the raised kerb, which separated the lanes from the road, was then lowered, meaning cars could park on the lanes.

Sam McCormack, a Hospitality Management student in CIT, cycles to college every day and found the cars parked in the bike lanes increasingly frustrating.

He contacted Students’ Union President about the issue, who passed it on to CIT management.

Eventually, the CIT Buildings Officer responded to Sam informing him that the building contractor plans to reinstate the kerbs in the vertical position.

In a further development, students at CIT were sent an email last week informing them that the Building and Estates office would begin clamping illegally parked cars on Wednesday, September 25.

Any illegally parked cars would be clamped and drivers would have to pay €80 to have the clamp released.

Sam revealed on Tuesday that a number of cars continued to park in the cycle lanes and that some were in fact clamped.

“While it's positive to see enforcement taking place, what's more important is ensuring this enforcement remains in place throughout the academic year,” he told The Echo.

"Full segregation, including bollards at the zebra crossings, which motorists abuse to gain access to the cycle lanes, is the only true way of stopping this.

“I hope CIT management will strongly consider this option in the near future, to ensure cyclists and other vulnerable road users safety getting to and from college,” he added.

The issue of cars parked in CIT cycle lanes was highlighted previously by Cork based cyclist David Beechinor, who captured photos showing cars parked in cycle lanes outside CIT on a regular basis.

Mr Beechinor, works in a company based in the Rubicon Centre and cycles there from Douglas most days, said he sees this behaviour everyday.

Dr Darren McAdam O’Connell, a member of the joint policing committee and a cycling activist, has led calls for parking in cycle lanes and other dangerous positions needs to be punished along the same lines as dangerous driving.

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