Marks and Spencer committed to reopening store at Douglas Village Shopping Centre

Major retailer Marks and Spencer has said it is committed to reopening its store at Douglas Village Shopping Centre and is working with management to make this happen.

Rumours had been circulating in the Douglas area that the large retailer had been considering pulling the plug on its Douglas store following the devastating fire in recent weeks.

Another large retailer was also rumoured to be pulling out of the store which looks set to reopen next summer following major demolition and rebuilding work. 

However, speaking to The Echo, a spokesperson for M&S said:

"We are committed to reopening our store in Douglas Village Shopping Centre and we are working in close co-operation with the centre management team to make this happen."

A car fire on the first floor of the multistory car park at the shopping centre caused devastating damage to the structure of the entire complex prompting its closure in recent weeks.

Traders at Douglas Village Shopping Centre were told recently that it will be at least 10 months before they can move back in following the fire.

In a statement, Douglas Village Shopping Centre announced it will be the summer of 2020 before the centre will reopen.

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