Cork woman appeals for help to find her Granny's ring

Cork woman appeals for help to find her Granny's ring
Leah Kelly and her Granny.

Leah Kelly was in town on Halloween night with friends when she realised her ring, which belonged to her grandmother and is of great sentimental value, was missing from her finger.

"The ring belonged to my Granny, she died four years ago. She was only 59 and she had cancer," says Leah.

"She used to wear lots of rings, and after she passed away my parents said I could choose one to remember her by. When I tried on this one it just fit perfectly, my Mam and Dad had bought it for her too, it was like it was meant to be."

Leah Kelly's missing ring.
Leah Kelly's missing ring.

Leah says that last year she lost weight, and her rings started falling off her fingers. "I only started wearing the ring again recently because I wanted to feel closer to my Granny." 

"I was in the Bróg smoking area on Halloween, and it was the end of the night. I felt it slip off my finger and I put it back on and thought I should put it on a necklace tomorrow," she told The Echo. 

Leah left the Bróg shortly after because one of her friends, who has diabetes, had to check his blood sugar levels. 

"We were walking quickly up to the back of the Mardyke, down Washington Street and around that area, and it was then I realised it was gone. My friends and I spent over an hour searching."

The ring is completely gold, with a flat circle on top. There is a tiny red gem on this circle, with an engraving of flowers beside it. 

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