Cork is ‘not getting a fair share’ of new gardaí out of Templemore

Cork is ‘not getting a fair share’ of new gardaí out of Templemore
Trainee Gardai at Templemore. Cork city has received just seven garda recruits this year. Picture Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin.

CORK has been allocated just 138 Garda recruits since the reopening of the Garda college in 2015.

This is compared with 1,322 recruits allocated to Dublin and 136 to Louth — the smallest county in the country.

Figures supplied in answer to a parliamentary question from Fianna Fáil TD Michael McGrath showed Cork City received just seven Garda recruits this year, while five were allocated to Cork North. Cork West has not been allocated any this year.

So far this year, 42 recruits have been sent to stations in Louth, while the Dublin region has been allocated 220.

Ten recruits due in Cork earlier this year from the most recent graduation class from the Garda college were re-allocated to help boost numbers in Dublin and Drogheda, because of gangland crime.

Mr McGrath said: “These numbers clearly show that Cork is not getting its fair share of newly-qualified gardaí.

“I know there are very pressing issues around the border and in parts of Dublin with gangland crime, but it is not acceptable that Cork would get such a paltry allocation of gardaí coming out of Templemore.”

“The result of this is that Garda visibility is simply not there in communities across Cork.

“Given the population growth in parts of the Cork City Division such as in Carrigaline and Douglas and the lack of gardaí being allocated to these areas, the people of Cork are really being treated like second-class citizens by their own Government.”

Earlier this week, funding for the recruitment of 700 gardaí was announced as part of Budget 2020, along with plans to recruit further civilian staff for the force.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said: “Budget 2020 will allow the Garda Commissioner to recruit up to 700 additional Gardaí and to continue to augment the organisation with additional Garda staff.

“Within the budgetary envelope, the commissioner will decide the scale of recruitment based on operational needs.”

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