Former boyfriend put woman in fear by placing a GPS tracker under her car at 5am

Former boyfriend put woman in fear by placing a GPS tracker under her car at 5am
PIC: Cork Courthouse, Anglesea Street.

A SIX-month suspended jail term was imposed on a man who was convicted of putting his ex-girlfriend in fear by placing a GPS tracking device under her car at 5am.

During a contested case, the 28-year-old woman was accused by her 44-year-old ex-partner of making up the complaints against him.

The young woman told defence solicitor, Shane Collins-Daly, “Why would I make it up? He has my life tortured. I don’t want to be in the same room as him. He terrifies me.” 

During the trial of the case at Cork District Court today, the young woman repeated that she was “a million per cent certain” the man who placed the tracker under her car was her ex-partner.

The 44-year-old accused man said she needed glasses and that he was asleep with a lady friend in East Cork at the time of the alleged incident in Cork city.

This woman, who is now in a relationship with the defendant, gave evidence that she went to bed with him in her house that night and that the alarm was not deactivated until 8.30am and that the defendant did not know the number of the alarm.

Judge Olann Kelleher did not accept this as alibi evidence and said it was not proof.

The defendant said he was not driving the car which the complainant identified as being outside her home that morning.

Judge Kelleher convicted the accused man of breaching the protection order and said, “I believe the evidence of the complainant in its totality. I don’t accept his evidence.” 

The six-month jail term was suspended on condition he would have no contact – direct or indirect – with the injured party for two years.

The charge states that on August 1 he contravened a protection order by putting her in fear when she observed him under her car placing what was believed to be a GPS tracking device on it.

Garda Matthew O’Mahony found the GPS tracking device under the young woman’s car following the reported breach of the domestic order minutes after the complainant said she saw him placing it there.

The young woman said, “I know it was him – one million percent. Who else would put a tracking device under my car at 5am? I am petrified. He is everywhere I go. I am petrified for my life. I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything I am so afraid for my life and my children’s lives, more importantly.” 

The defendant said, “I was not there, your honour. I was in a house with a lady friend of mine.” 

The judge dismissed a second count related to June 9 when the two parties passed each other when driving. She said she saw him screaming quite angrily at her.

“Since we broke up I have alarms and panic buttons in the house,” she said.

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