Direct Provision protest in Cork this weekend

Direct Provision protest in Cork this weekend
There will be a protest against Direct Provision this Saturday in Cork city. Picture: Lyssiwollen Direct Provision Centre. Credit: Vukasin Nedeljkovic.

Anti-Deportation Ireland has organised the event and they aim to highlight the "fundamental problems" of the Direct Provision system.

The protest will be attended by those living in Direct Provision, those who are now out of the system, as well as activists and campaigners. 

Joe Moore of Anti-Deportation Ireland said the protest is to show solidarity, and that the people of Cork are united with the residents of Direct Provision.

"In the September 2014 protests, where the residents in the Kinsale Road centre took control of their centre for ten days, and residents of Ashbourne House in Glounthane undertook a hunger strike, the people of Cork showed fantastic support." 

"In light of the recent comments made by some politicians, we need to show support more than ever."

"The comments made by Noel Grealish in Oughterard should be publically challenged," added Mr Moore.

Mr Grealish, an Independent Galway TD, is alleged to have made reference to "economic migrants from Africa" and "spongers" at a public meeting about a potential Direct Provision centre opening in the town.

Mr Moore went on to say that there are a "litany of issues" with Direct Provision. 

"There is the monitoring with CCTV, people being denied visits from friends, the lack of control over food and mealtimes." 

"The threat of deportation can also lead to mental health issues. The system of Direct Provision needs to end." 

"The newer emergency centres are another layer to the system, and often residents here have even less access to facilities than those in regular centres," said Mr Moore.

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