Cork girl goes viral after re-creating Joker dance

Cork girl goes viral after re-creating Joker dance
Laura Dorgan, originally from Douglas has gone viral for re-creating the iconic Joker dance.

IT started off with a love of Fila runners and the desire to make people laugh and now Douglas native, Laura Dorgan has almost 15,000 views in one day on a video that’s gone viral.

Posted on her Instagram, which boasts a substantial following of almost 10,000 the fitness guru who now lives in New York is seen emulating the iconic dance from the 2019 Joker film.

As his descent into madness accelerates, Joaquin Phoneix as the eponymous Joker dances erratically on a set of steps in the Bronx. 

The steps, located at 167th Street is fast becoming a tourist attraction and, surrounded by this hype, made the perfect video for Laura to showcase a new gift from her husband.

"My love of Fila trainers is at the heart of all this," Laura laughed.

"Anyone who follows me will know that I’m obsessed with the brand. 

"I get mocked about it because some people hate the runners. 

"Back in March, after one too many in the pub, I decided it would be funny to shoot a quick video in Times Square wearing the runners and doing 'The Floss'. 

"The video absolutely blew up and people loved it," she told The Echo.

Laura Dorgan's Instagram photo now has almost 3k likes.
Laura Dorgan's Instagram photo now has almost 3k likes.

To date, Laura’s Times Square video has over 4,000 views and after receiving a new pair of Fila's from her husband Michael - she knew she wanted to top it.

"I toyed around with a few ideas, one being dancing on an open top bus around the city. 

"As it happened, we missed the bus and I just decided to leave the idea for a few days. 

"Michael and I were walking around the city and we wanted to check out the steps from Joker

"I had the Fila's on and Michael convinced me to take a picture - doing the iconic pose from the film."

It was difficult for Laura to get a clear shot, with many tourists around but after 200 pictures, the last shot was the one.

In a lightbulb moment, Laura suddenly had the idea to take things one step further and re-create the dance from Joker.

After watching a YouTube clip a couple of times, she had the steps down and was ready to go.

Husband Michael, who works as a photographer and videographer captured the routine on camera and since uploading it on Monday Laura has been blown away by the reaction.

"My phone has been going non-stop. 

"I’ve been featured in newspapers in Moscow, Singapore, the UK and only this morning I was asked to be featured in an ad campaign in Tokyo - it’s absolute madness!"

Laura, who has created a hugely successful fitness app said whilst her performance at the Bronx did elicit a few raised eyebrows she "just decided to bite the bullet and go for it."

After receiving attention from media outlets worldwide, it certainly seems that clowning around paid off for Laura.

You can check out the video on Laura's Instagram Page

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