It's time to ban trucks from narrow Glanmire bridge

It's time to ban trucks from narrow Glanmire bridge
Picture taken by a motorists of a heavy goods vehicle on the John Barleycork Bridge in Riverstown.

TRAFFIC chaos in Glanmire could be avoided if Cork City Council erects signs to stop truck drivers directed by Sat Navs to go over a historic bridge that is not suitable for heavy goods vehicles, a councillor has said.

In Riverstown, drivers of articulated trucks are said to be causing gridlock when crossing a bridge known locally as the John Barleycorn. The bridge is not wide enough for two lanes of traffic but drivers of heavy goods vehicles are being directed to use it via navigation systems in order to access an industrial estate in Brooklodge - causing incidents where oncoming motorists have to reverse off the bridge to allow the trucks to pass.

Councillor Ger Keohane (IND) has urged the city council to deal with the issue by erecting new, larger signage to warn drivers the bridge is not appropriate for use by heavy goods vehicles.

“When articulated trucks go over the John Barleycorn Bridge, they cause gridlock,” said Mr Keohane.

“There are tiny signs at the bridge not allowing these trucks to go over it. Drivers that do not know the area are directed by Sat Nav to go this direction to get to the warehousing complex in Brooklodge East, whereas they should use the main Hazelwood Road.

The signs need to be erected on all the main roads approaching the bridge. The ones that are there at the moment are not fit for purpose. The trucks are damaging this historical bridge.

“I’ve asked city council to put bigger and better signage out on the main roads to avoid this gridlock,” Mr Keohane added.

The matter will come before the council’s first meeting of the northeast local are committee next week.

Local area meetings have been introduced by the city council in electoral wards to discuss local issues in the newly expanded city which now includes areas such as Glanmire, Ballincollig, south Douglas, Blarney and Tower.

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