Persistence of student sees cycle lanes reinstated at Cork Institute of Technology

Persistence of student sees cycle lanes reinstated at Cork Institute of Technology
Cars parked on the cycle lane in CIT's campus in Bishopstown.

CORK Institute of Technology’s segregated cycle lanes will be reinstated thanks to the persistence of a student.

Previously, the cyle lanes leading into the CIT campus were segregated but part of the raised kerb, which separated the lanes from the road, was then lowered, meaning cars could get inside the lanes and use them for parking. Sam McCormack, a Hospitality Management student in CIT, cycles to college every day and found the cars parked in the bike lanes increasingly frustrating.

“My bike is my main form of transport. I don’t have a car, it’s how I get in and out every day.

“Before I was in college, the cycle lanes were segregated. But when I started here parts of the kerb were lowered. This meant cars could drive into the lanes and use them for parking.

“This makes using the lanes very difficult.

“There would be about five to eight cars all parked along inside the lanes.

“This lane stretches from the roundabout to the main campus building of CIT. It basically means that the cycle lanes were useless.”

Last summer, Sam approached the CIT’s Students’ Union President about the issue, who passed it on to CIT management.

The Buildings Officer responded and said in the past they clamped cars in the cycle lanes, but that they did not want to take action at that time because “students were under enough stress,” referring to summer exams.

The Officer added that he didn’t suspect it was just students parking in the bike lanes.

“We were all doing exams at the time, and it had been abused long before that,” said Sam.

“It is a safety issue as well because parked cars on the lane mean cyclists were dangerously pushed out onto the road.”

Sam kept persisting when he returned to college last week.

The CIT Buildings Officer got back to Sam and said the building contractor will reinstate the kerbs in the verticle position.

“This is really good news, and a win for CIT students,” said Sam.

Sam also spoke about the general anti-cycling sentiment in Cork city.

“Obviously it wasn’t taken very seriously at the start. That kind of attitude is replicated across Cork city.

“Cars, trucks and taxis all abuse the cycle lane for their own convenience. A lot of cycle lanes in Cork are not segregated... Washington Street has a 24-hour cycle lane and taxis are just using it as a pickup point.

“The gardaí are very blasé about enforcing the cycle lanes too, in my experience. Every time I rang them, they seemed to say ‘and what do you want me to do about it?’” Sam added.

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