Tabor marks 30 years of treatment

Tabor marks 30 years of treatment
Tabor Lodge

CELEBRATING the development of addiction treatment over the years was the key theme for Tabor Group’s recent anniversary conference.

With three decades of treating individuals who are suffering with addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling or food, the National conference in the Clayton Hotel Silver Springs celebrated a multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment.

One of the keynote speakers on the day was Dr Susan Broderick, Founder and CEO of Building Bridges to Recovery, who has also battled her own addictions.

“A collaborative approach is the missing link in effectively addressing addiction,” she said.

“The one thing we know for sure about recovery is that no one does it alone — that includes the treatment providers.

“Tabor Group is reaching across the island and engaging with other providers which benefits not only those who are on the path to recovery but to the families and communities also”, Dr Broderick told The Echo.

“It’s been incredibly exciting to witness Tabor Group’s embrace this philosophy. They are truly walking the walk,” she continued.

Dr Broderick stressed that recovery is possible, but that everyone’s journey is unique: “Given the complexity of addiction there is no magic bullet, however, we do know social connection and community support are vitally important.

“Each person’s journey is individual but connections to others who have walked the same path is key.”

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