Thieves take US dollars and passport from Cork boxer's car

Thieves take US dollars and passport from Cork boxer's car

Spike O'Sullivan's passport was stolen from his car in the Rebel County last night along with some US dollars, it has been revealed.

The famous Cork fighter revealed on Twitter that his car was broken into at around 2am last night at his home in Cork. 

His passport and some US dollars were taken and the car was damaged. 

He is appealing for information and for his possessions to be returned.

In a statement on Twitter, Spike said:

"Some scumbag broke into my car around 2am this morning at my home in Cork.

"My passport and some US dollars were stolen and the car was trashed. 

"I want them back," he added.

"Have you heard about someone with US dollars to get rid of?"

He asked anyone with information to contact him and said a reward is being offered.

The robbery is the latest in a spate of thefts to hit Cork in recent days. 

Dozens of Gardaí trawled through woods and fields during a massive manhunt for burglars following a high-speed car chase in the city suburbs yesterday

Three men armed with crowbars, believed to be members of an organised travelling crime gang, took off on foot across the N40 South Ring Road yesterday afternoon after crashing a grey Audi estate car at the Bloomfield exit.

One of the suspects was arrested last night but two others remain at large.

The three men are suspected of taking part in the house burglary of a well known Cork businessman at around 3.20pm in the Coach Hill area.

It is thought the three men were also connected to an interrupted burglary which took place on Dublin Road, Fermoy earlier today.

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