Security staff member assaulted at the Mercy Hospital in the middle of the afternoon

Security staff member assaulted at the Mercy Hospital in the middle of the afternoon
Man assault a security staff member at the Mercy University Hospital, Cork. 

A 30-YEAR-OLD Cork man, who assaulted a member of the security staff of Mercy University Hospital, initially claimed he was the one who was assaulted.

Donal Heaphy, aged 30, of 5 Peacock Row, North Monastery Road, Cork, pleaded guilty today at Cork District Court to assaulting security man Marcin Kowakazyk.

Sergeant Gearóid Davis said the incident occurred on April 23, 2018, at 4.30pm in the afternoon. 

Frank Buttimer, solicitor, said the accused man had been out of trouble for some time. 

Referring to the fact that the accused was also before the court today for sentencing in respect of a drug possession charge, Mr Buttimer said the hospital incident was the most significant matter against Heaphy today.

Mr Buttimer also referred to difficulties Heaphy had comprehending the process when he was before Cork District Court recently. 

“He did not understand this was an Irish court and thought it was a court with a European jurisdiction,” Mr Buttimer said.

The solicitor said a relative of the accused was in hospital and the defendant was distressed about this.

“He was in the acute care area. I am not sure if he was required to leave but he was certainly in the process of leaving when there was an altercation with a member of security staff,” Mr Buttimer said.

The solicitor characterised what happened as a ‘bumping’ between Heaphy and security. Mr Buttimer said the security man was, of course, correct to call the gardaí.

“Mr Heaphy did have cannabis on him but I don’t think that was why he behaved in the way that he did,” Mr Buttimer said.

Judge Olann Kelleher said: “Everyone knows they work in very difficult conditions in hospitals. They don’t need the kind of behaviour carried out by this man.”

The judge ordered him to do 200 hours of community service instead of five months in prison.

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