Councillor slams 'unreliable' Cork city bus services

Councillor slams 'unreliable' Cork city bus services

Bus Eireann's services in Cork have been deemed 'unreliable' by Cllr Fiona Ryan. Picture: Eddie O'Hare

A local councillor has slammed the bus services in Cork city, deeming it "unreliable and unpredictable".

Cllr Fiona Ryan said she is frequently left waiting for the 203 bus, and it is often delayed or fails to arrive entirely.

"I gave up my car a year and a half ago. I live in Blackpool, and pretty much everywhere in Cork city is walkable."

"If you need to get somewhere urgently, you just can't rely on the buses. They are 50/50 at best."

Cllr Ryan believes that the unreliability of the buses is a "product of the rundown of Bus Éireann services by the management and government."

"To make a difference in our carbon emissions, we need to invest in public transport. How can we say to people leave the car at home when the bus is so unreliable?"

"They are late all the time, they are often overfilled," Cllr Ryan added.

"They haven't really improved over the years. I did feel forced into getting a car years ago, I was working in Cork Airport Industrial Estate, and I was late all the time. I had to get a car."

"Cars are more attractive than standing in the rain for 30 minutes, for a bus that might not even arrive."

"To tackle climate change we urgently need to invest in public transport," she added.

Bus Éireann said "Service reliability is monitored on a daily basis by our service supervisors based in our control centre in Cork."

"As deemed necessary our service delivery supervisors will make interventions such as trip curtailments in order to minimise customer disruption. Bus Éireann recognise that any higher than normal delays or cancellations is not acceptable and we recognise the impact of such disruptions to our customers."

"Some routes including Route 203 are regularly affected by high levels of traffic congestion. During such times we regularly work in partnership with key stakeholders... to ensure normal service levels resume as soon as is practically possible."

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