Plans to pedestrianise Cork street underway

Plans to pedestrianise Cork street underway
Cork's Harley Street could be permanently pedestrianised. Pic: Shane Clarke, @GardenCityShane on Twitter

Cork's Victorian Quarter traders are seeking to re-invent Harley Street as a pedestrianised, open air space.

Noreen Gannon, chairperson of the Victorian Quarter Traders Association, said the association is planning to apply for a City Council grant to pedestrianise this laneway, which connects MacCurtain Street and St Patrick's Quay.

Currently, the street is closed to vehicular traffic due to ongoing streetscape works.

Ms Gannon, who is the co-proprietor of Gallagher's Pub, told The Echo that the "current plan is that the street will remain pedestrianised."

"We as a community are applying for the Cork City Centre Placemaker Fund, the application process has not started yet, but there is a meeting next Monday."

Cork City Council announced they were accepting applications for the Placemaking Fund on Tuesday. Green projects, creative seating, street art and atmospheric lighting are all projects which can be supported through the fund.

"At our monthly trader meeting earlier today we discussed possible ideas for the street, which included seating, lighting, a mural, and a living wall," said Ms Gannon.

A living wall is when a vertical, upright structure is covered by vegetation, plants and flowers.

"Of course we need to apply for the scheme, present plans and get permission, but we would love to create a retreat within our Quarter.

"Until now we did not have an open-air space to hold events, perhaps in the future, a 'long table' concept could be enjoyed in this space.

"All plans and concepts are only ideas at the moment, we need to work with the businesses, neighbouring streets, City Council, our residents and traders before any plans are put into action."

Ms Gannon has high hopes for the little street, which she says has great potential.

"Harley Street will hopefully be transformed from a narrow one-way road into an oasis within the city, not only [providing] access to the Victorian Quarter via Mary Elmes Bridge but [becoming] one of the City’s best-loved areas.

"The current cooperation and communication between the City Council, An Garda Síochána and the developers in the Victorian Quarter has been exceptional, which has ensured smooth progress with the ongoing works in the Quarter."

Cork City Council said that "work is being undertaken to repave Harley Street and it is the intention of Cork City Council to include a proposal to remove general traffic from the street, as part of the MacCurtain Public Transport Improvement Scheme.

"Public Consultation on the scheme will take place in the coming months. If approved, bollards may need to be installed to control vehicular access to the street."

Cork's Harley Street could be permanently pedestrianised. Pic: Shane Clarke, @GardenCityShane on Twitter.
Cork's Harley Street could be permanently pedestrianised. Pic: Shane Clarke, @GardenCityShane on Twitter.

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