Christian Brothers College impress with inclusive poems about love 

Christian Brothers College impress with inclusive poems about love 
Eason Executive William Geoghan, along with Christian Brother first year students Ben O' Sullivan, Harry Clarke and Lorcan De Burca.

First Year students of Christian Brothers College have demonstrated their talented creative skills by penning Valentine's poems for a competition run by Easons. 

The boys were tasked to create poems centring on the fitting theme of love and what it means to them.

Martina Walsh of Easons said she appreciates the great sense of humour and the display of empathy that the boys clearly show through their poems and in how they express their opinions and impressions of 'love'. 

The students demonstrated wide and inclusive views in the poems they wrote, depicting love as coming from and towards all family members, friends, sports and even their favourite food. 

Ms Walsh stated that Easons on Patrick Street were delighted to support the Christian Brothers College poetry competition that seeks to nurture creativity and support writing skills.

Some poetic excerpts from the boys included:

No one is too cool enough for love 

Even God in heavens above 

Love is a handshake after a game 

It is never lame **** 

Love is not just a word it’s a feeling 

God helps us keep it 

Some people don’t feel it 

Sometimes even the same gender 

Love comes in all sizes 

Which size is yours?


People say it comes in all different shapes and sizes 

But really it only comes in one, 

Which is everyone loving each other 

Everyone together 


Love is when I see a rainbow in the sky 

Or when I eat some apple pie 

Easons congratulates the boys on a great effort while Principal David Lordon believes in creating quality learning opportunities for the boys and in introducing students to real commercial avenues for their creative writing abilities.

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