‘Cruel that horses are running wild, starving in Cork city’

‘Cruel that horses are running wild, starving in Cork city’
Horses are being left to starve in the city according to a city councillor.

THERE is an epidemic of horses running wild in estates and being left to starve on the northside, a city councillor has claimed.

Fianna Fáil's Ken O’Flynn has complained to City Hall about the ongoing issue.

“Something has to be done,” Mr O’Flynn said.

“The value for horses at the moment is very little and they are being left out without food. It is extremely cruel.” 

The city councillor said that he has come across cases of starved horses and in the latter half of 2019 witnessed a horse that had to be euthanised due to extreme dehydration.

“It is awful, they are beautiful animals, but in some cases, they are not being looked after.” 

Mr O’Flynn said that we have to be respectful of animals and the city is not the right environment for them.

“I want City Hall to act on my complaint, uphold the law and take these horses away. We have to be fair to people living in the area and we need to be protective of the children.

The city councillor said that since publically announcing on Facebook he had complained to City Hall he has been inundated with people contacting him with similar issues of horses in their estates.

From 2014 to November 2018, there were 258 horses seized by Cork City Council.

Thirty-four were reclaimed by the owner, 18 were rehomed and 206 were ‘put down’, almost 80% of horses seized.

The charge for reclaiming horses that are seized is currently €835 plus vat of 23%.

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