Cork man stabbed his wife three times but she refused to testify against him

Cork man stabbed his wife three times but she refused to testify against him

The victim received potentially life-threatening stab injuries.

A ‘novel and extraordinary’ case of a man stabbing his wife three times in the stomach - but where she refused to testify against him and the only evidence was his confession to gardaí - ended with him being jailed for one year.

The victim received potentially life-threatening stab injuries for which she was hospitalised for three weeks.

Brian O’Regan, aged 43, who was living at a flat at 2 St Joseph’s Villas, Blackrock Road, Cork, was sentenced to three years but with the last two years suspended by Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin at Cork Circuit Criminal Court. 

He pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing harm in a case where he had been charged originally with assault causing serious harm. 

That charge was withdrawn by the state after O’Regan was jailed for the lesser assault.

Detective Garda Seán Stack said the strongest evidence against the accused – in the absence of the injured party giving evidence – was O’Regan’s own confession which he made directly to Detective Garda Stack two days after the stabbing.

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin said, “The circumstances are novel and extraordinary. 

"He stabbed his partner or wife with a kitchen knife in a drunken brawl. The only evidence is own his admissions.

“The victim did not give evidence. 

"She only came to court on a warrant for her arrest. Knowing that, he still pleaded guilty which is extraordinary.

“He has some volatility… There is a public interest here.

"The community has an interest in controlling this behaviour and moderating it where possible.” 

Siobhán Lankford SC said O’Regan was the one who rang 999 after stabbing his wife. 

Judge Ó Donnabháin said  in that sense, “He may have saved her life.” 

Ms Lankford said it happened in a fog of alcohol. 

He said the accused and the victim were still in a relationship.

“They are just back from holidays together and she would like to continue living with him,” Ms Lankford said.

O’Regan is in his final year of a degree in art, his lawyer said.

Det. Garda Stack said the defendant was a huge soccer fan and would travel the world to see matches.

But he added, “He would travel to see Liechenstein versus Poland but he wouldn’t go to see Ireland versus England.” 

O’Regan pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Marguerite Wiseman on December 2, 2018, at their flat.


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