Calls to improve Grand Parade traffic flow for cyclists

Calls to improve Grand Parade traffic flow for cyclists
A truck parked in the left hand lane on Grand Parade. Pic credit: Majo Rivas

CORK city's Grand Parade has serious traffic flow problems in the morning, according to concerned cyclists.

Cyclist Majo Rivas says the left-hand turning lane, leading down onto Washington Street, often has trucks driving up the wrong way and parking on double yellow lines to make deliveries.

Ms Rivas says she has contacted the city council in relation to this issue and is hoping it can be resolved soon.

"I cycle to work 95% of the time and Grand Parade is on my route. I noticed that every morning at about 9am there are one or more HGVs parked on the turning lane, and sometimes against the traffic."

Ms Rivas started noticing this over a year ago and contacted Cork City Council as well as her local councillors to report the issue.

"I am very aware that many times delivery drivers are under a lot of pressure to make deliveries, they are in precarious employment, and I do question if the companies they work for give them enough time to park legally and make deliveries.

"I called the city council, explained the situation and got the contact details for someone in the council's roads department."

The situation improved after the council sent a traffic warden to survey the area last year, however, it seems that truck drivers are now back and parking incorrectly.

Ms Rivas highlighted her concerns again at a meeting with two members of the Cork City Council management team back in November.

"I strongly believe it isn't about fines, it's about having constructive conversations with businesses and delivery companies, and about enforcing the loading bays that are usually illegally occupied.

"It's very frustrating that people are passing the buck instead of sitting down and looking at the issue and how it can be improved for all involved, like businesses, and people who cycle, bus and drive on that street.

"I just want things to get better, it's a health and safety issue."

Mis Rivas believes there are a few creative solutions to the problem, and says she understands Gardaí and the city council are under-resourced to deal with the issue and enforce the parking laws.

Cork City Council was contacted for comment.

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