Cork candidates bemoan dumping of stolen election posters

Cork candidates bemoan dumping of stolen election posters
Election posters at the Skehard Road Roundabout, Cork. Picture Dan Linehan

A significant number of election posters have been found on the roadside near White’s Cross in Cork.

The posters, promoting a range of candidates in Cork North Central from across the political spectrum, look to have been taken down and purposefully dumped.

There are posters from candidates including Sinn Féin’s Thomas Gould, Colm Burke from Fine Gael, Independent Ken O’Flynn, and Fianna Fáil’s Tony Fitzgerald.

There is another, smaller, batch of posters dumped a short distance up the road, it is understood. Local Cian O’Brien toldthat given that cable ties were still attached to some, it would indicate that they were first removed and then discarded.

“Some of the posters appear to be damaged; cut in half or folded over,” he said. “Illegal dumping is a common occurrence on this stretch of road, but it’s the first time I’ve seen election posters dumped.”

Councillor Ken O’Flynn said he’s had over 250 posters stolen during the campaign, while senator Colm Burke said a similar number of his were taken early in the campaign.

Councillor Tony Fitzgerald said: “We are all victims of this behaviour. My volunteers are so disappointed given all their hard work in difficult weather.”

Separately, councillor Thomas Gould said that has been alerted to someone being driven around taking down his posters in some areas

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