Family cries foul at grave issue in Castletownroche

Family cries foul at grave issue in Castletownroche
TD Kevin O'Keeffe pointing out burnt-out springs in Castletownroche cemetery.

DOGS defecating on graves in Castletownroche cemetery is an issue that has been upsetting locals in the area for some time.

Alma O’Keeffe, who often takes her mother-in-law to visit her father-in-law’s grave, said they must bring gloves, a shovel and water in case there is dog fouling on their loved one’s burial place.

Speaking to The Echo, Alma asked: “Where is the respect for the dead?”

Alma’s husband Conor said they have been trying to engage the council for some time on the matter but have been getting nowhere.

“We have been trying to get the council to change their laid back approach to the maintenance of Castletownroche cemetery since August 2019.

“We have had some improvements but we still have no boundary walls, the dogs are still fouling in the graveyard and my mother still visits the grave with a shovel, gloves and water.”

Local TD Kevin O’Keeffe also said that littering was an issue in the area with drink cans, plastic rubbish, wooden pallets and coal bags being dumped in the graveyard.

Following a query from The Echo, Cork County Council released a statement saying that Killisane Cemetery in Castletownroche, has a boundary on all four sides.

A spokesperson said the boundary was made up of a wall on the roadside, post and rail fencing with leylandii trees on two sides and a ditch on the fourth side.


The local authority said that works to repair holes in the fence have been scheduled and would start once ground conditions improved.

The council also said the issue of dog fouling “will resolve itself when the post and rail fence is repaired in the coming weeks.”

The council also said that the work on the fence would complete a “series of works” in recent months, including removing damaged items and flytipping waste from the cemetery, grass cutting and removing road chips from outside the cemetery.

Mrs O’Keeffe said that the council had been difficult to deal with and as an example spoke of a sofa that had been dumped in the cemetery since August.

The council emailed the O’Keeffe’s assuring them the sofa was removed last week, only for them to see a burnt-out sofa in the same place a few days later.

“We have reported this matter to Mitchelstown gardaí,” Mrs O’Keeffe said, “The council had months to remove this rubbish, and now someone has broken the law by trying to burn it.

“We have been told so many times since 2009 that things would be sorted we just do not believe it, and why should Castletownroche Cemetery be the only Cemetery without boundary walls?”

The council denied there was a problem with littering.

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