Meet the Cork woman who was trained by Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo

Meet the Cork woman who was trained by Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo
Vera Keohane, from Kinsale - Ireland's only Konmari certified consultant 

A CORK protege of Marie Kondo said she is on a mission to “tidy up Ireland” amid overwhelming demand for her services.

Vera Keohane from Kinsale is the only Irish woman to receive formal training from the Japanese organising consultant and author whose fame hit the stratosphere following a successful series on Netflix.

Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo 
Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo 

Former nurse, Vera received formal training from the Japanese star as a gift to herself for her 50th birthday.

She hasn’t looked back since and has been coming to the rescue of houses all over Ireland for some much-needed overhauls.

“I’ve always been an organised person,” Vera said.

“I used to help organise friends and family members. However, I became very disillusioned to see that just a few weeks later the place was in disarray again.

“When I read Marie Kondo’s book her claim was that if you follow her methods organising your life will be a once in a lifetime event. When I read this I was sceptical but I didn’t want to knock it until I tried it.

“I started on my own house. While the hotpress and the attic might have looked organised it was chaos beneath the surface.

“When I implemented her methods I was flabbergasted at the difference. All the stagnant energy has moved on and been replaced by positive energy.”

She said that choosing what to part with in your life comes down to one simple question - does this bring me joy?

“If it doesn’t then the best thing we can do is either sell or donate it. In many ways, you are confronting yourself and asking why you need to hold on to these items.”

Ms Keohane recalled her experience of working with Marie Kondo.

“Her energy was infectious,” she said.

“I was immediately motivated to do more.”

She confessed that working in Ireland presents its own challenges.

“A lot of people in Ireland aren’t open to this.

“This is because they have a lot of shame. People will often say they’re too ashamed to let anybody into the house to see the mess.”

To find out more about Vera check out her Instagram page

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