Crane Lane offers free dance classes to farmer who was arrested following dodgy dance moves

Crane Lane offers free dance classes to farmer who was arrested following dodgy dance moves
Business Benny McCabe, Proprietor Crane Lane, Cork.Pic Denis Scannell

THE Crane Lane’s spirit of forgiveness and understanding has seen them reach out to a farmer and his lawyer to offer both of them free dance classes at the venue.

The matter made headlines earlier this week as a 55-year-old farmer’s dance moves were identified as the beginning of a chain of events that saw gardaí being called to the venue.

But a lot has happened in the last few days – first with the plea of guilty, followed by the lawyer’s nimble footwork in mitigating the matter at Cork District Court.

But now Crane Lane has stepped in with some admirable moves of their own by offering the accused man, Patrick Ring, and his solicitor, Donal Daly, free dance classes.

Crane Lane has tweeted, “As a gesture of goodwill for the guilty plea, we at the Crane would like to offer free dance lessons to Mr Ring and his solicitor, Mr Daly.” 

At the court case, Mr Daly, explained on behalf of Patrick Ring of Peake, Coachford, County Cork, “He is a farmer in West Cork. 

He is 55 and he had too much to drink that night. He was out on the dancefloor of Crane Lane dancing. 

The bouncers got upset at his dancing moves or whatever.” 

Now in explanation of their generous offer of dance classes for the lawyer and the farmer, Crane Lane stated they were doing so, “in order to prevent such a travesty of motion occurring again, ‘or whatever’.” 

While in tweet-mode, Crane Lane, added warmly, “Thanks once again to our esteemed security colleagues for keeping patrons, including Mr Ring, and staff, safe. There are no bouncers here.

“I suggest we start with a nice waltz.” 

Mr Daly, solicitor, who was highly amused by the prospect of free dance classes for himself and his client, is understood to have the offer under active consideration. 

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