Cars parking on Patrick's Quay are causing 'chaos' for buses

Cars parking on Patrick's Quay are causing 'chaos' for buses

St Patrick’s Quay bus stop frequently has cars parked in it, which is causing traffic chaos along Cork city’s quays. Picture: Larry Cummins

BUS companies using the St Patrick’s Quay bus stop say cars parking in the designated stop is leading to traffic chaos along the quays.

People are parking their cars in the bus stops and leaving them there, forcing the coaches to stop in the middle of the road to let passengers off.

The bus companies who use this stop are mainly private coach operators driving to Dublin, Galway, Limerick and other towns in Ireland.

The companies say the illegally-parked cars are causing concerns for health and safety, as well as serious traffic issues.

GoBus Cork and Cobh Connect are both managed by Barry’s Travel, and their Transport Manager Wayne Morris says the situation is “just crazy.”

“Parking is always an issue in the first bus bay,” he said. “In the evening times it’s just crazy. Everyone is pulling into the bus stops.

“The bus has to stop in the middle of the road to let people off. Passengers are collecting their luggage and then weaving in and out, trying to get around the bus.

“We have been in touch with Gardaí who assist us in moving cars.

“The council have done a lot of work on the quays, and I am sure they will finish the other parts soon. They added in a pedestrian crossing at the Mary Elmes Bridge which was helpful.

“The council have been very good, they put up extra signage stating that the area is a coach bay, car parking is illegal, and it is a 15-minute set down area for coaches only.”

However, Mr Morris also says he’d welcome some more lights and a bus shelter at the stop: “Especially for the dark and cold winter nights. That’s where a lot of the private companies operate from.

“It is a bus bay. If it was empty all the time the buses could easily move along and not cause traffic jams… it is absolutely crazy.”

Dervla McKay, Managing Director of Aircoach, said it is also an issue experienced by their service.

“Yes, [cars parking in the bus stops] cause a huge issue, and are a cause of continuous frustration for customers and drivers,” she said. “The situation is particularly bad after 6pm when the traffic wardens finish up.

“We are often in contact with Gardaí on the matter and they do issue fines to the parked cars.

“Cork City council do send motorbike controls frequently during the day and they also issue tickets to parked cars.”

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