Man was punched and bitten in attack outside his home by a 20-year-old who threatened to 'burn him out'

Man was punched and bitten in attack outside his home by a 20-year-old who threatened to 'burn him out'
The start of Tory Top Road, Cork. 

A MAN was called out of his house at Tory Top Road in the early hours of the morning during last Christmas holidays where he was punched and bitten by a man who also threatened to burn him out of his home.

20-year-old Aaron Mealy of Boyce’s Street, Gurranabraher, Cork, was jailed for a total of two years today at Cork Circuit Criminal Court for these crimes.

Garda Kevin O’Neill said Mealy rang the injured party on St Stephen’s Day last year and said he was going to come up and smash his windows and burn down his house because of an issue he had with the man over a young person in his family. 

The man asked his wife to ring the gardaí to tell them about the threat.

Then in the early hours of December 27, 2018, the man woke to hear shouting outside his home so he went out the door. That was when Aaron Mealy assaulted him.

Garda O’Neill arrived on the scene immediately and shone the lights of the patrol car on Mealy, as well as activating the blue lights and siren on the patrol car. 

However, the obvious presence of the gardaí did nothing to stop the accused from carrying out the attack.

“He ignored us and continued with the assault,” Garda O’Neill said.

The injured party later stated in a formal complaint that he had been punched three times in the face and bitten once by Mealy.

Questioned about this assault he admitted assaulting the older man but had no recollection of biting him.

There were further threats made by the accused in April of this year when he phoned the injured party and threatened to shoot him and stab his wife. 

Among the other threats he made to the victim and his family was a threat to burn down his house.

Mealy was living at Boyce’s Street at the time and he was arrested there. 

Emmet Boyle, defence barrister, said the accused apologised for his actions. 

Garda O’Neill said that Mealy did apologise but he also tried to say that some of it was the family’s own fault.

“He would have been uproariously drunk on both occasions,” Mr Boyle said.

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin said, “The best thing that can be said for Aaron Mealy is that he pleaded guilty and saved the victims having to come to court and it is acknowledged by him that he wronged them.

“The initial assault was one thing but the follow-up on threats in April is quite significant and is an aggravating factor… I don’t care what type of unhappy upbringing he had I regard it as a very serious unforgivable threat.” 

The judge imposed a one-year sentence for the assault. 

For the threat to kill he imposed a three-year consecutive sentence but suspended the last two years of it. 

He also made it a condition of the suspension that the accused would have no contact with the injured parties for three years after his release from jail.

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